AI Gun Warmer

Ift Smart Warmer


Temperature controlled - Unlike conventional A.I gun warmers in today's market, the IFT SmartWarmer™ enables the end user to select and set the desired temperature to work with. 9 set points are programmed and controlled at: 25/30/33/35/36/37/38/40/42ºC.

Semen / Embryo Thawer

Semen Thaw Unit

Pre-Set- Temperature Thaw Unit

Model: IFT-PST

Pre-Set Temperature is Factory calibrated at 36°C.
Upon special request, IFT Instruments is able to calibrate different temperatures.
Automatically heats and maintains an accurate temperature.

Semen Thaw Unit

Temperature Control Thaw Unit

Model: IFT-TC

Simple to use, with a touch of a button select and set the temperature to thaw; embryos, semen and sexed semen.
Automatically heats and maintains an accurate temperature.


Thermometer for semen thaw

IFT CryoTherm™

Solid stem glass thermometer - rapid and accurate readings - specially made for semen and embryo thawing.
Temp. Range: 25°C / 40°C.
Accuracy: +/- 0.4°C.
Size: 6mm x 160mm.

Straw Lifter

Straw Lifter

The lifter elevates the straws in order to prevent the use of your fingers which can cause the semen to warm unevenly, lowering the number of live sperm cells.



The 4slot™ divider helps you identify and organize your semen straws while thawing.

Power Supply

Power Supply

No need to worry about power supply.
The IFT Semen Thawer can take you anywhere!
Power supply kit:
- 3 meter power cord / 12V car plug adapter.
- Power supply adaptor -
UK/US/AU/EU plugs available.
All connectors that are plugged to the IFT Semen Thawer Unit are IP68 rated IP68 which means they are 100% dust proof and protected against complete continuous submersion in water for over 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter.



Its unique CTT™ heating system covers the wall of the inner cylinder providing a uniform heat flow without irregularities.
No need to agitate the water. Other thaw units have a heating system which the heat raises from the bottom of the unit to the top of the water level.
This creates an uneven temperature flow throughout the unit, temperature readings using a thermometer will be inaccurate due to the fact that the thermometer will be reading the temperature generated on the bottom where the heat plate is located.
Water needs to be agitated...

TLeak Free Lid

Leak Free Lid

Ideal for transporting water while driving from farm to farm or even transporting the straws from the shed to where the cows will be inseminated.
Due to the CTT™ heating system there is no need to use the Leak Free Lid while thawing semen or embryos.

Thermometer for semen thaw



IFT Instruments is the first in the world to develop a Smartphone application in order to control the thawing time.

The IFTHAW Timer APP is also a management tool which allows you to store information such as: straw size, Bull´s name, Farm, semen supplier and track statistics.

You can store and record the information which can be shared via social media networks, sms, email, etc. Much more to come!

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